Even more thoughts from the tube

Transport for London? A car

The Piccadilly line reliability might have cause for improvement, but is not as bad as it could be due to the VERY slow station and track improvements. The PPP (Public-Private Partnership) which is basically paying Private firms to with public money to do things that the public money could have done without the middleman in the first place quicker and without the skimming off the top. Obviously there is a benefit to PPP which is a benefit to the private companies involved I might add, which is that the government will bail you out when you screw up.

The Piccadilly line actually has a number of ghost stations (as do other lines), some of which you can make out as you travel on the line. All of these ghost stations closed before the Second World war and you would be forgiven for thinking that some of the stations you are on waiting for a train are just one of these ghost stations.

The oldest Tube line in the world is the Metropolitan line. It opened on the 10 January 1863, the year which Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation during the second year of the American Civil War. More of the London Underground is overground and open rather than in a tunnel. Keep telling this to yourself if you suffer claustrophobia and happen to be stuck in a tunnel without power for 2 hours.

Victoria station and King’s Cross record the highest number of suicides each year. To be honest this is not that surprising as Victoria was the busiest station in the whole London Underground network with 85 Millions passengers each year (King’s Cross comes in a a minuscule 70 Million passengers).


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